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Schottenheimer sues UFL founder for $2.3 million

If the UFL isn’t already dead, it soon will be.

Former Virginia Destroyers coach Marty Schottenheimer has sued the league for $2.3 million in unpaid compensation, according to

The sued, filed in San Francisco, seeks payment from UFL founder Bill Hambrecht for “coaching and managing.”

Schottenheimer says Hambrecht personally guaranteed the amounts promised to the long-time coach as an inducement to join the struggling league.  “After a period of negotiation, Schottenheimer expressed a willingness to serve as the head coach and general manager of the team,” the complaint states. “However, because the financial stability and long-term survival of the UFL were unclear, Schottenheimer wanted assurances that the payments owed to him by Team Virginia under his employment contract would be personally guaranteed by Hambrecht.  Hambrecht agreed to personally guarantee Team Virginia’s payments to Schottenheimer during the first year of his employment.”

Previously, former Sacramento Mountain Lions coach Dennis Green sued the league for unpaid wages.  Last month, the Destroyers named Kurt Schottenheimer the new head coach, without explanation regarding his brother Marty’s departure.

Schottenheimer also alleges that, in August 2012, “the UFL informed Schottenheimer that it was unclear whether the UFL would continue to exist as an operating football league, due [to] its distressed financial situation.”

It’s now clear.  The UFL is dead.  We’re calling it.  Bye-bye.