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Michigan going all Oregon with 2012 unis?

I’m all for the alternate uniform craze, but say it ain’t so, Blue!

Michigan broke the traditional mold last season when it busted out alternate uniforms for its September night game against Notre Dame and later Michigan State. The unis were great and the alternate helmets ended up sticking for the rest of the season, but now the Wolverines could be taking it a step further.

U-M athletic director David Brandon said the school is working on adding a variety of new unis for 2012 that could be unveiled this summer.

“The coaches like it and the student-athletes like it and the recruits are enamored by it. So why wouldn’t we?” Brandon said.

It’s unknown how much of a departure these new unis will be from the traditional maize and blue, but Brandon hinted they won’t be too extreme.

“I rely a lot on the coaches to make those decisions,” Brandon said. “Frankly, the coaches would tell you a lot of this has to do with recruiting, too. Recruits today, they like variety. They emulate these programs that from time to time wield out these special jerseys.”

And that’s ultimately who these unis are designed to attract: the players.