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Former Lakers head coach Mike Brown went to a Chick-Fil-A after getting fired

After coaching the Los Angeles Lakers to a 1-4 start, head coach Mike Brown was shown the door and became the first NBA head coach since Dolph Schayes to be fired within the first five games of the regular season.

While most might have gone to hiding after getting fired by one of the premier franchises in the National Basketball Association, Brown decided that he had a hunger for something.

Mike was spotted a couple of hours after the firing at a Costa Mesa Chick-Fil-A ordering some food and taking pictures with Lakers fans at the restaurant.

The folks over at TMZ have the official down-low:

We’re told Brown was super-nice to fans … taking pics and shaking hands … but he never discussed the firing.

However, it appears Brown was in the mood to talk … ’cause he was in the middle of a phone convo with legendary L.A. sports reporter Jim Hill.

Brown seems to be handling the situation with class — releasing a statement saying, “I have great respect for the Buss family and the Lakers’ storied tradition and I thank them for the opportunity they afforded me.”

Hopefully those chicken sandwiches brightened Mike’s day and at least he won’t have to deal with anymore Kobe Bryant death stares.


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